The “Impossible” List

All of this started with one thought.  “It’d be fun to run one of those 5K’s so many people go on and on about, wouldn’t it?”  Out of nowhere.  You can read the whole story of how I got started running here.  But when I finished that aforementioned 5K, the first time I ran 3.1 miles straight, it got me to thinking – what else have I thought I could never do?  What else am I limiting myself from, automatically discounting it as something I could never possibly accomplish?

So I made a new list.  An Impossible List, if you will.  Things I always thought were for other people.  It’s personal, this list.  It’s hard to share, because some of it seems so out of reach, because I don’t want to be laughed at, because I’m not there yet.  But I’m sharing it here because I know I’m not the only one with seemingly unattainable hopes and dreams, and I hope that as I check them off, maybe someone reading will realize they can do it too.

  • Go on a kayak trip down the Chicago River.
  • Spend a whole day at the zoo without having to stop and take a break.
  • Wear a bathing suit on the beach – one without a skirt, one not hiding my whole body.
  • Participate in one of those obstacle course-type races like the Warrior Dash or Mud Run.
  • Complete three Beachbody programs this year.  (I picked these because I used to watch the commercials and discount them as ridiculous, for people in crazy good shape.  I want to be one.)
  • Run the Shamrock Shuffle.Keep up with my sister at the Turkey Trot.
  • Do fifty pushups.
  • Attend a Crossfit session and not vomit out of my eyes.
  • Take at least a mile run while pushing my niece in her stroller.
  • Comfortably cross my legs while sitting on the bus or train.
  • Fit into my wedding dress.
  • Run up the stairs to my train without gasping for my last breath.
  • Wear some killer heels and be able to balance in them for a whole night instead of walking around barefoot like a hillbilly after ten minutes.
  • Do a backbend without ripping every muscle in my stomach like last time.
  • Climb to the top of a rock climbing wall.

If you had asked me to look at this list last year and told me these were my goals, I would have laughed at you.  None of them would have seemed in the same stratosphere of what I thought I could do.  But here it is.

What’s On Your List?


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